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Greeley Irish Festival
September 19th 2015
2nd Stage Performance Registration


Contact Name: ____________________ Name of Group: _________________________________

Address: _____________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________

Contact Phone: _________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________


Your Stage Requirements: Vocal: microphones needed: ____
Instruments: microphones: _____ or direct connect (DI) to PA: _____
Notes about your act/group’s performance: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
For more information Contact: Jerry Ryan, 402-461-5575
Email this registration to: by September 10th 2015


The 2nd Stage is open to any group or individual performer performing Celtic music or dance. This will be a stage with room for up to 5-6 performers. Each act will perform for apx. 15 minutes, depending on the registered performers and scheduling for the time allotted. The 2nd Stage currently shares the tent for the NU football game, the stage will be closed for the game at apx. 2 pm.

PLEASE Perform ONLY Celtic / Irish music at our Irish Festival. The stage will have a PA system for this event with stage monitors. For simplicity and quick transitions, No performer amplifiers or drum sets will be allowed. This allows for a quick transition (5 min.) between performers and sound system balancing. DO advise us of any special requirements you may have. If you have any questions, please contact us BEFORE the event. This is NOT a Jam Session, we do plan to have a Jam area designated at another location at the festival.

This is an opportunity for you to showcase your talents before our live festival audience. We will advise those registering of their performance schedule and there will be a whiteboard at the 2nd Stage tent by 10 AM the day of the Festival listing performers and their time slot.