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Sessions for 2015

Promise in a New Land
Nebraska Homesteading – NE Humanities Council presentation

Cherrie Beam-Callaway, as “Mariah,” is a native Nebraska storyteller with the Nebraska Humanities Council. Twelve sets of family homesteaded in Nebraska. Cherrie has been making history come alive for 30 yrs, giving programs to over 95,000 children and adults.

Mariah Monahan, speaking with an Irish brogue and in period costume, depicts a Nebraska settler between 1847 and 1885. Based on historical fact, Mariah, captivates the audience in a dramatic rendition. You’ll be transported in time, sailing the ocean, riding the wagon trail, feeling the loneliness and fighting prairie fires. Laugh and cry with stories of successful crops, dancing, hard work, loosing loved ones and most importantly, becoming an American.

(Appropriate for 3rd grade through adult)


Audience comments for Cherrie’s presentations:
Spellbinding Awesome storyteller She mesmerizes the audience Want her back Made history come alive Amazing talent
What a storyteller, she brought tears to my eyes more than once as she transported us back in time.


Martin P. Dowds

2011 – present Dowds Irish Dance Academy Omaha, NE


• Provides instruction to both children and adults in Irish step dance and ceili dance. Choreographs dances for a variety of parties including individuals competing in Irish step and dance groups performing both for profit and recreationally. Consults on competition attire and a variety of other topics to give dancers as much edge as possible.

2003-2010 Riverdance Dublin, Ireland

Lead Dancer

  • Dances lead on important opening nights and highly attended weekend evening shows.

  • Developed a fan following increasing Riverdance standards.

  • Became the “face” of Riverdance doing many television and print

    interviews for the company’s promotional effort.

    2004-2010 Riverdance Dublin, Ireland

    Dance Captain

  • Mentor, manage and organize dancers selecting dancers from the troupe to perform various parts maximizing shows value by utilizing each dancer’s skills in the role that best suits their skill set

  • Crosstrain dancers on various parts

  • Evaluate dancers ability to perform various parts including evaluation for

    termination if necessary

  • Audition new dancers and make recommendations on hiring

    1997-2003 Riverdance Dublin, Ireland

    Troupe Dancer

    • Auditioned in 1997 after winning various international Irish dance competitions

    • Traveled internationally with Riverdance performing in various famous locations including the Great Wall of China, Kremlin, People’s Hall in China, Broadway and others

    • Mastered each dance role in Riverdance which would later set the foundation for promotion to Dance Captain

      1980-1997 Phoenix Dance School. Northern Ireland

      Dance Student

    • Learned Irish dance under a nationally recognized professional dance instructor

    • Competed at national and international dance competitions

Competitions 1993
Ulster Championships - Buachaillí (Boys) 13 - 15 1st Place

All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships - Buachaillí (Boys) 13 - 15 1st Place 1994

Ulster Irish Dance Championships -- Buachaillí (Boys) 13 - 15 1st Place

Scottish Nationals Irish Dance Competition - Buachaillí (Boys) 15 – 17, 1st

British National Irish Dance Competition - Buachaillí (Boys) 15 – 17, 1st

Ulster Irish Dance Championships - - Buachaillí (Boys) 15-17, 1st Place All Ireland Irish Dance Competition - - Buachaillí (Boys) 15-17 1st Place World Irish Dance Championship - - Buachaillí (Boys) 15-17 2nd Place

World Championships - Buachaillí (Boys) 15 – 17, 1st Place


Classes Survey of Irish Step Dance – Stephens College Columbia, MO


David Marsh
1979 – Present (36 years)

Perform American & Irish folk and Children's music with over a dozen instruments, including accordion, banjo, hammered dulcimer, autoharp, spoons, bones, bodhran, & Northumbrian Smallpipes.
Member of Ellis Island, Irish Folk duo, winners of 2010 Irish Music Association "Best Duo in Pub or Festival", since 1995.
Member of Nebraska Arts Council's Touring Program and Nebraska Humanities Program's Speakers' Bureau. Perform educational, cultural and entertaining music programs for groups of all ages - daycares to nursing homes.
Studied music therapy in graduate school. Conduct experiential hands-on music exploratory activities and guided imagery and music (GIM) sessions with groups and individuals.





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