002 More Than 40 Camp Spots at the Park 002A Camping 004 Short Trek from Camping to Venue 006 And Some Chose to Ride 008 License Plate Die Hard Fans 010 Omaha Pipes and Drums Open The Day 012 The Committee 014 Derek Warfield 016 Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones 018 Wolfe Tone Girl 018A Wolfe Tone Instrument 020 Tapping to the Music 022 Crowd 024 Crowd 026 Big Fans 026B Autographs and CDs 028 Dancers Collage 030 Dancers 032 Dancers Outfit Change 034 Kids Watching the Dancers 036 Aren't They Great 038 Irish Dance Fans 038A I Want To Dance Too 040 Marty and Dancers 040A Older Dancers 042 Handicap Area 044 Handicap Area 2 046 Is this fun or what 048 No Matter How Old You Are, It's Fun 050 No Matter How Young You Are, It's Still Fun 052 Culture Center Displays 1 054 Culture Center Displays 2 056 Culture Center Genealogist and Displays 058 Culture Center - Irish Dancers 060 CC Watching the Dancers 062 Culture Center Demo - Dave Marsh 064 Culture Center Face Painter 064A Face Painter Close-Up 064B Face Painting 064D Crowd 08 064E Crowd 09 064F Crowd 07 064G Happy Together 064I Deacon Reilly 066 The Elders 066A The Elders 066B The Elders 066C The Elders 066D The Elders 068 The Elders 068A The Elders 070 The Elders 070A The Elders 070B The Elders 070C The Elders 070D Avid Elders Fan 070E The Late Afternoon Crowd 070F Harr Moment 070G Melanie 070H Mickey and Mo 070I Let's Go Now 072 Face Painted 074 Kids Crafts 1 076 Kids Crafts 2 076A Face Painted 1 078 Face Painted Friends 080 Beanbag Tourney 082 Beanbag Tourney 084 Beanbag Partners 086 Vendor Area 1 088 Vendor Area 2 090 Vendors Enjoying The Day 092 Caricatures 092A Caricatures 2 094 Omaha Pipes and Drums 1 096 Piper 2 098 Big Drum 3 100 Pipers 4 102 Small Drum 5 104 Fans 106 How 'Bout Those Leprechauns 108 Leprechaun and Fan 110 A Pair of Leprechauns 112 Cousins 114 Girl Friends 116 What's In Your Wallet 118 Friends Gathered 118A In The Zone 120 BarleyJuice 122 BarleyJuice 124 BarleyJuice 124A BarleyJuice 124B BarleyJuice 124C BarleyJuice 124D BarleyJuice 124E BarleyJuice 124F Happy Face 124G Irish Fan 124H More Irish Fans 126 Kids Danced All Day 128 Even the Little Ones 130 Wolfe Tones Second Set 130A Wolfe Tones Second Set 130B Wolfe Tones Second Set 132 Wolfe Tones Second Set 134 The Elders Second Set 136 The Elders Second Set 136A The Elders Second Set 136B The Elders Second Set 136C The Elders Second Set 136D The Elders Second Set 136E The Elders Second Set 136F The Elders Second Set 138 Elders Fans 140 The Final Set 142 BarleyJuice Second Set 144 BarleyJuice Second Set 146 BarleyJuice Second Set 146A BarleyJuice Second Set 146B  BarleyJuice Second Set 148 Shamrock End O' Day
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