David Marsh

Using over a dozen instruments, David offers a children-and family-focused music program.

David Marsh

David Marsh


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David Marsh, offers a children-and family-focused music program. Using over a dozen instruments, he will perform positive, uplifting and humorous songs and stories suited specifically for children and parents. Depending on the audience, programs may be selected to simply entertain with children’s music and instrument demonstrations, or may address topics such as character, friendship, safety, sportsmanship, acceptance, self-respect, and the joys and struggles of parenting

Musical selections can include music from numerous countries, languages and ethnic groups, as well as from various historical periods. David draws on his experience of over 25 years of professional music performance (including hundreds of schools, pre-schools and daycares) and 13 years as a licensed mental health practitioner working with children and families, to present a quality, entertaining, yet inspiring program designed for the concert setting (rather than classroom) where children and adults are both present.

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